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Words, Words, Words Lyrics - Candide

Words, Words, Words Lyrics

Free will. Humanity. Love. Huh! Hah! Ha, ha!
Words, words, words, words,
I have no wordsTo describe the vanity of life,
The insane inanity of life, I have no words, but ha!

'Mid grime and slime
Why waste our time
Spouting some Spinoza monograph
Even one short Shakespeare epitaph.

They make me laugh, but wait!
It just occurred to me,
A word that may just possibly
Apply to all of usTrapped on this ball of dust.

Two tiny syllables but spiny syllables;
One single word-absurd.Ha! Absurd.
Don't make me laugh,
It hurts to laugh. Oho!

Don't make me laugh!
Don't make me titter!
All wheat is chaff,
All pills are bitter.

Nothing to trust in
This worst of all possible worlds.
All ends in dust in
This worst of all possible worlds.

Any questions?
Don't ask me now,
They're useless anyhow.

Were you in my position, friend,
Were you a humble sweeper,
Your thoughts on man's condition, friend,
Would be a little deeper.

If every blessed day, my friend,
Brought dung and bone and spittle
For you to clear away, my friend,
'T would change your mind a little.

Yes, dung and bone and spittle
And mud and trashAnd blood and ash
And souvenirs of lust
And every sort of residueIn process of reduction
To the final state of dust.
You'd laugh along with me, my friend,
You'd laugh until you'd bust!

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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