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Candide Musical Lyrics

Candide description

1956 is the year of the premiere of this musical on Broadway. Tyrone Guthrie was a director and S. Krachmalnick was responsible for the choreography. Irene Sharaff was costume designer; Oliver Smith was a set director. Actors were: I. Petina, B. Cook, R. Rounseville, M. Adrian. Musical went through a complete failure; it was played for only 2 months and has been shown 73 times. Book was terribly criticized, mainly because it was too serious, opposed to the musical of the genre of social parody.

London took the play in 1959, where it acted in three different locations: Manchester Opera House, Saville Theatre & New Theatre Oxford. Selection of actors was as follows: E. Coates, M. Costa, D. Quilley & L. Naismith. It also was not successful staging and lasted for only 60 hits.

Harold Prince several times renewed musical on Broadway in New York, did the new libretto, because the original book in the new revival was not allowed to use by its author. This alteration has been greatly condensed version of the first, where the sitcom was too tight and now represented a little over 100 minutes. This version has experienced a great success, and it played on Broadway over 2 years and has undergone 740 shows.

Following this success, the new version has been expanded to two acts, and its production began in 1982. With Wheeler’s book, it has become more like an opera, not a musical. However, the new format stayed in the New York City Opera for 32 plays, becoming a staple in the repertoire since operettas are acted much rarer than musicals.

The following production were in 1988 in the Scottish Opera, then in 1999 in the Royal National Theatre (Britain), 1997 (Broadway), 2004 (New York Philharmonic), 2006 (Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, France), 2007 (Théâtre du Châtelet), 2008 (Sweden), 2009 (Massachusetts), 2010 (Berlin), 2010 (Seattle), 2010 (Washington DC), 2015 (Florence).
Release date: 1956
Last Update:January, 13th 2016

Candide Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture Lyrics
  3. Westphalia Chorale Lyrics
  4. Life Is Happiness Indeed Lyrics
  5. The Best Of All Possible Worlds Lyrics
  6. Universal Good Lyrics
  7. Oh, Happy We Lyrics
  8. It Must Be So Lyrics
  9. Westphalia/Battle Music Lyrics
  10. Candide's Lament Lyrics
  11. Dear Boy Lyrics
  12. Auto Da Fe (What A Day) Lyrics
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  14. Paris Waltz Lyrics
  15. Glitter And Be Gay Lyrics
  16. You Were Dead, You Know Lyrics
  17. I'm Easily Assimilated Lyrics
  18. Finale Act 1 (Quartet) Lyrics
  19. Act 2
  20. Universal Good (Reprise) Lyrics
  21. My Love Lyrics
  22. We Are Women Lyrics
  23. The piligrim's procession/Alleluia Lyrics
  24. Quiet Lyrics
  25. Introduction to Eldorado Lyrics
  26. The Ballad of Eldorado Lyrics
  27. Words, Words, Words Lyrics
  28. Bon Voyage Lyrics
  29. The Kings' Barcarolle Lyrics
  30. Money, Money, Money Lyrics
  31. What's The Use? Lyrics
  32. Venice Gavotte Lyrics
  33. Nothing More Than This Lyrics
  34. Universal Good (Life is Neither) Lyrics
  35. Finale: Make Our Garden Grow Lyrics

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