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The piligrim's procession/Alleluia Lyrics » Candide

The piligrim's procession/Alleluia Lyrics

MAXIMILIAN(Jesuit Father)
Come, heathen of America!
Come, see the new domains of God!

Come, heathen of America!
Come, see the new domains of God!

PAQUETTE(Jesuit abbess)
Ye ho in darkness plod,
Come and dwell where Satan's hoof has never trod!

Come, heathen of America!
Where Satan's hoof has never trod!

We seek to find God's pardon,
Here innocence shall be restored,
In this new Eden Garden,
Where man has not defied his Lord.

Here shall ye find reward.
Come before your hearts in error harden.

Come, heathen of America!
Where innocence shall be restored,

Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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