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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Don't Sell the Night Short 
  3. Three Men on a Date 
  4. That's How I Love the Blues 
  5. The Three B's
  6. Everytime (Ev'ry Time) 
  7. The Guy Who Brought Me 
  8. I Know You By Heart 
  9. Shady Lady Bird 
  10. Shady Lady Bird (Reprise) 
  11. Act 2
  12. Buckle Down, Winsocki
  13. My First Promise 
  14. What Do You Think I Am?
  15. Just a Little Joint With a Juke Box 
  16. Where Do You Travel? 
  17. Everytime (Ev'ry Time) (Reprise) 
  18. I'd Gladly Trade 

The Three B's lyrics

The Three B's

Gloria :I never wanna hear Johann Sebastian Bach
June :And I don't wanna listen to Ludwig Beethoven
Nancy :And I don't give a hoot for all Johannes Brahms
All : The B's we want are these (2)
June :They're the barrelhouse
The boogie-woogie
Gloria :And the blues.
Chorus : Yes, the barrelhouse, the boogie-woogie and the blues!
June :Oh, the barrelhouse makes you want to carol
Nancy :Every boogie beat will raise your heat
Gloria :When they start to play the blues
All : You'll never choose to lose the blues.
Gloria :Oh, the blues will really get you
June :And the barrelhouse is bound to upset you
Nancy :And the boogie-woogie beat will drive you straight to distraction
Hey, let's go professor, get a solid reaction!
From a barrelhouse
The boog-boog-boog-boog boogie and the blues
Chorus : Yes, the barrelhouse, the boogie-woogie and the blues.
All : When a Dixieland band gets up on the stand
You'll hear the trombones slide and start to ride
So make 'em play those dirty
Dirty hurdy-gurdy barrelhouse, boogie and blues
The barrelhouse, boogie and blues
The barrelhouse, the boogie-woogie and the blues
Chorus : (snip)
We're up a tree now
We don't know which to choose
The barrelhouse, the boogie-woogie or the blues
Nancy :I love the boogie coz it tickles my spine
I love the boogie coz it's fresh and it's fine
Just like a cigarette with modern design
That's why I love the boogie-woogie.
Chorus : Yes, yes!
Nancy :It seems to knock the wind right out of my chest
It's so darn good it makes a fool of the rest
Just goes to show you that the boogie's the best
That's why I love the boogie-woogie.
Chorus : Yes! Yes!
Nancy :It's right as rain
Low as a thunder
Light as a cloud
Sweet as a cake
It's got a kick like mountain liquor
And it's as slick and hard
To take as Veronica Lake.
It picks you up and then knocks you right down
It makes you laugh and play and act like a clown.
No other music has the right to the crown
Coz there's nothing that will raise your heat
Like the boogie-woogie beat
June :Don't mean the barrelhouse
Nancy :Like the boogie-woogie beat
Gloria :Don't mean the blues
Nancy :I love the boogie-woogie beat!
Gloria :I love the boogie too
But not when I'm feeling blue
I get the blues in the mornin'
The blues at night
I even get the blues when I'm feelin' all right
Coz it sounds so good
And it feels so good
And it is so good
My best jazz music there is.
June :I love the blues as well
But not when I'm feeling swell
When I'm feeling kind of chummy
And I wanna join the scrummy
I go barrelhouse, barrelhouse ---
The atmosphere is squalid
But the band is really solid
They play barrelhouse, barrelhouse
They really go to town.
The beat is steady as a rock there
They play till 5 or 6 o' clock there
You'll be mighty glad you found 'em
It's great to be around 'em
Oh they sock it, beat it, kill it --
The barrelhouse will make you ---
On jazz.
All : It's the barrelhouse, the boogie-woogie and the blues
That's the barrelhouse, the boogie-woogie and the blues
Talkin' about those three B's (3)
1, 2, 3 B's.
1, 1-2, 1-2-3 B's.
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