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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Don't Sell the Night Short 
  3. Three Men on a Date 
  4. That's How I Love the Blues 
  5. The Three B's
  6. Everytime (Ev'ry Time) 
  7. The Guy Who Brought Me 
  8. I Know You By Heart 
  9. Shady Lady Bird 
  10. Shady Lady Bird (Reprise) 
  11. Act 2
  12. Buckle Down, Winsocki
  13. My First Promise 
  14. What Do You Think I Am?
  15. Just a Little Joint With a Juke Box 
  16. Where Do You Travel? 
  17. Everytime (Ev'ry Time) (Reprise) 
  18. I'd Gladly Trade 

Best Foot Forward review

Best Foot Forward Review - Broadway musical

Ralph Blane & Hugh Martin wrote the songs for the musical and Ethel Barrymore Theatre hosted successful 326 performances. Actress Nancy Walker was a debutant in this musical on Broadway. Miles White was responsible for dress, and Jo Mielziner – for lightning. Together with a director and producer George Abbott and choreographer Gene Kelly, they worked with a team of smiling actors on creation of entertaining musical, which has successfully pleased the audience. In 1943, a year after the completion of it on Broadway, the film came out, where they repeated the whole story of Broadway’s show.

Lucille Ball starred in the film, as well as the familiar Allyson and Walker. Rosemary Lane, a pity, did not take part in it, although at that time she was already an actress. Moreover, the TV adaptation came out in 1954, and the revival of the musical took place in 1963, however, this time less successfully – only 224 shows on Broadway. Danny Daniels was the director this time and a significant part in it took Liza Minnelli, who made her debut in this musical. Eventually she won numerous awards in her life, including the prestigious Theatre World Award. The other main actor was Christopher Walken – person of different roles, which is known to many for the ghost rider of Sleepy Hollow and in the role of the army guy, who gave to the hero of young Bruce Willis watch in the film Pulp Fiction by Tarantino. His acting talent, certainly holds a lot more roles, but these are the ones that come to mind immediately. In the musical, he was a youngster with sullen look.

Regarding the play of 1963, it is worth noting that many critics praised it because of the liveliness of the characters that simply radiated energy of their youth to outside, so much that many even thought that it was too much. A pair of dull critics who have not achieved anything in their lives, wrote caustic reviews on the musical like they had too many youth and it's bad, because blah blah blah. And the others, normal ones, life-satisfied people have written the truth – the musical was swarming with positive energy and excellent stage zeal. Some of the flaws that really could be due to youth of actors, over the top compensated by their diligence, striving for accuracy performance of their roles and great vivacity that accompanied them all along.

The most important thing for what it is worth to go on this musical is a great choreography, when all on stage move as if a single organism, having thoughtful dialogues and fiery spirit of youth that sparks from everywhere. What is not felt at all – any tension, so nothing is unnatural and this musical is sitcom, situation comedy, with joy and a little admixture of warm farce. If situations like this happen in the real life, all experience embarrassment or anger by unforeseen circumstances, more than the joy because of our dull reality has experiences fluctuations. Should it be otherwise? Maybe. The song Shady Lady Bird is not present in the film, but it gives just another reason to visit the play to see this bright and happy show.
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