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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Don't Sell the Night Short 
  3. Three Men on a Date 
  4. That's How I Love the Blues 
  5. The Three B's
  6. Everytime (Ev'ry Time) 
  7. The Guy Who Brought Me 
  8. I Know You By Heart 
  9. Shady Lady Bird 
  10. Shady Lady Bird (Reprise) 
  11. Act 2
  12. Buckle Down, Winsocki
  13. My First Promise 
  14. What Do You Think I Am?
  15. Just a Little Joint With a Juke Box 
  16. Where Do You Travel? 
  17. Everytime (Ev'ry Time) (Reprise) 
  18. I'd Gladly Trade 

Best Foot Forward synopsis

Best Foot Forward Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story tells about what may be if unprepared provincial city will experience visit of a big star. Do you remember the recent story how the Queen of England, just out of joke and good humor's sake, accepted an invitation from some of the couple, which has sent this invitation on their wedding? All were very happy and were simply amazed by the arrival of the Queen. So it is here – out of joke, a young man wrote a letter to the famous Hollywood actress with an invitation to come and be to be his girlfriend on the prom in a local school of a small town in the middle of nowhere, Winsocki. His school is the Military Academy, and so most of the people walking around in the frame are in the military uniform.

Star’s manager receives a letter and understands that this is unexpected opportunity of PR, which has appeared out of nowhere. Firstly, she will become a mega-popular among the local population, and secondly, she will be closer to the people, and it will raise her on a wave of success, at least slightly. And they, on the basis of these considerations, accept the invitation for the meeting.

Arrival of the star in the province made just a mad furor – no one, of course, has expected this. Upon arrival, Bud Hooper, who wrote her a letter, leaves his girlfriend, with whom he was planning to go to the prom and goes at the ball with a Hollywood star. The girl was very angry and breaks the sash, which is put on the actress, as a revenge. But this unexpected event triggers a whole chain reaction – all Bud fellow students begin to tear off a piece of dress of the actress, just for the sake of having a souvenir from such a star.

Bud locks her in a dormitory with her manager and waits until these things settle. In the wake of its resonance, he is even threatened to be excluded from the school for having caused such a big reaction. The actress and the manager, after some time, run away to Hollywood so nobody would see them. And then, some time was required in order to settle all disputes on this issue. After the ending, the life of a provincial town went back to normal.
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