Barnum synopsis

Barnum synopsis

Barnum Synopsis - Broadway musical

The show tells the story of a man named P. T. Barnum, who, according to this show, is the most successful show-maker of all times (at least, in the USA). He joined a theater troupe in 1835 and began to gain his success from that time.

His first show begins with the fact that he presents to the public the oldest woman in the world, which, as she says in her song Thank God I'm Old, is 160 years of age. His wife wants him to be engaged in some respectable business, for example, that he would hold a watch factory, which will not only provide a steady income, but also allows him to be a respected person in the society. But he, on the contrary, said that it was not his, he does not want that, he sees the world and his own life in Colors, while making a watch craft is Black and White. And leaves to do his circus performances.

A few years later, when he was more promoted, P. T. Barnum does new productions, but learns of his wife's illness. Influenced by this, he returns home for a while, to do business she wanted him to do – watches. He thus agrees that his life was devoid of colors and would be Black and White. Yet, after quite a short time, he was weary of such changes, and sells this business, earning good at it.

During the performance, in the life of P. T. Barnum such events occur: he builds a museum, calls himself a "master of deception and trickery", makes the further shows (one of which is called the Swedish Nightingale, where a lady sings in two languages – quite exotic at the time Swedish and in English), and then collects itinerant theater and goes travelling with them.
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