Barnum review

Barnum review

Barnum Review - Broadway musical

As we can see on one of the photos – obviously, a collage of several roles of all members of the circus troupe that star in this production – there are as many as a hundred people. Of course, this is not true – so many of them at the same time have never been on the stage in this play. In addition, the director of the circus is more in the size than an elephant – a clear profanation. What is more likely to be the truth is a group photo of the actors, directors and all those who made this show – they are just 43 people.

The show is very theatrical, bright and, as usual in such cases – absolutely little-meaningful. Some meaning, of course, is there – in the course of the story is told that a certain person by name of whom this bright costumed show with a lot of hype was called, does some show-biz staging in his life and for this reason, is wildly loved by surrounding persons. Basically, that’s it.

Mark Bramble – the man who wrote the libretto for this show, and Cy Coleman is a composer who favorably underlined with his notes the voice capabilities of all actors of this play.

Everything revolves around the idea of circus performances, and even expression from the stage as if all the spectators were inside of the circus. One of the main ideas exploited here is that the whole showbiz is a great deception, and it does not produce anything real – just a farce; people are stuffed with bright expression, vividness, without taking anything real from any show. True, it is served rather one-sided, because even the ancient philosophers noticed that the most important things for people are bread and show. And people truly willing to pay for such an intangible thing as a spectacle, with hard cash. Although occasionally here and there, different ideas arise, that point that show business is a fake all-through. And that those viewers who were standing when applauded you yesterday, today are engaged in their daily businesses, and even don’t want to know who you are. Every actor who think that deeply, have to live with that thought.
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