Annie synopsis

Annie synopsis

Annie Synopsis - Broadway musical

Act One

Events take place during the Great Depression in 1933, in the municipal shelter for orphans, in a wing for girls of all ages, with its hierarchy. Where older look after younger, and those – for the smallest ones. Where poverty, denunciations and mutual responsibility prevail. Where there are a lot of kids on which money are allocated, but not all of them reach children.

The action revolves around one orphan named Annie, who left at the entrance to the shelter, with silver pendant’s half and the second half parents had left to themselves to be identified, if they come to take her out of the shelter someday. She was picked up by the owner of the orphanage – angry spinster lady who is very tough to everyone.

Annie really wants to find her parents and she always brings confusion into the ranks of the children from the orphanage, so she is always on the pencil from Miss Hannigan, the owner.

Annie escapes from the orphanage, picks yard dog, then she is arrested by the police, the dog runs away, then Annie comes back in handcuffs to the shelter, and then by a happy coincidence, were chosen by secretary of billionaire Mr. Warbucks, who wants to do a good deed and to take the orphan from the shelter for 2 weeks. Then, there is a mutual feeling of sympathy arises between them as they spend some time together. He wants to adopt the baby Annie, but she wants to find her parents, and after a dramatic scene in his estate, he promises to find her father and mother.

Act two

Following the announcement by Mr. Warbucks on the radio that he would give parents of Annie USD 50.000, if they prove that they are the parents, the owner of a shelter decides to gamble with former prisoner and his sister, telling them of the details (in particular, about the pendant), helping to ensure that they would prove their parental relationship (to get the money and split them).

Fake father and mother claimed Annie and money in the mansion of Mr. Warbucks, demanding a check, but he began to suspect, and with the help of FBI found out that the real parents of Annie died many years ago, and the false fakers are exposed to arrest, together with the owner of the shelter. And Annie presented with puppy, which she lost in the skirmish some time back. Mr. Warbucks signs papers for adoption of Annie, and they're both immensely pleased with this event, as they found kindred spirits in each other.
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