Annie review

Annie review

Annie Review - Broadway musical

The musical is designed for family audiences, as there is very bright and with great contrast family issues displayed and developed, as well as issues of personal space, happiness, hideous life where you are not loved, and how good it is when there is somebody in this big and hostile world to whom you are not indifferent, who will make your life better and fill it with fatherly love. And whom you, in turn, give back, having invested in this man all the love that you have accumulated over many years of suffering and wailing, and that you have not expended at not even a drop, being in an orphanage.

Since 1977, the show has won 7 awards of Tony, the film adaptation of the musical has been performed and countless times it changed actors due to the nature of the musical – the main part of the actors depicts orphaned girls. During all this time, not less than 5 times it was rolled for national tour not only on Broadway, but also in other places, cities and countries. Probably, the total number of show’s play is one of the largest in all the history of musicals. And branching on a screen only confirms this.

The plot revolves around a little girl named Annie, from the light of experiences of whom everyone is able to find for himself something to cry of and what to be happy. The same as Annie, the viewer learns to rejoice that tomorrow the sun will also shine, not to worry on some daily issues, because they are a temporary phenomenon. Through optimism, sincerity and kind mischief, Annie wins not only the hearts of her friends and the future daddy, who was really touched after a day of communicating with her, but also the hearts of the audience, which, from screens and being the audience, from stage, watch this play with a sincere empathy.

Despite the fact that the story has a lot of tested and techniques that have become clichés – the evil antagonist, good prince and endured hardships, amplifying the death of parents, whom Annie has always wanted to know but did not have chance to do it, they played with a renewed sense that so passionately pulled from chests of all the main actors. This is an example of the kindness and true American miracle that can happen under certain circumstances, if frank, strong desire exists to make this world a better place.

Disclosure of the world of the Great Depression – for the residents of an entire continent is still remains a sore point – and often, new ideas being drawn from it, along with stories and inspiration. Its background is advantageous to create a dramatic setting. Almost any topic is more advantageous in terms of drama, if it is set against the backdrop of the ruins – no matter caused by what – war, depression or an alien invasion.

Despite the full drama, the story has a lot of jokes, humor, positivity, and it all leaves a light veil of "homy", for which we go to these performances.
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