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Annie Lyrics

The musical was launched on Broadway in 1977. The roles played by: Mr. Warbucks has been depicted by R. Shelton, D. Loudon was The shelter’s owner, D. Brisebois depicted one of orphans, S. Faison was Farrell & Annie played by A. McArdle. Music production won seven Awards of Tony out of eleven nominations, including the most major awards – for best production, the best selection of actors and best book. After partial change of actors (the new entities were: B. Hutton, S. Bruce, S.J. Parker, D. Wilson, A. Smith, A. Kirk, A. Ghostley, M. Lewis & J. Havoc), when were changed the performers of both, protagonist – Annie & antagonist – the owner of the place, woman named Hannigan. Accordingly ones began to be shown by D. Wilson & A. Ghostley.

After successful 2377 plays (which is well above the average amount for Broadway. So it can reasonably be considered as a huge advancement), a show was closed only in 1983 (after 6 years), becoming a record duration of running for Alvin Theatre (one renamed at current time to the Theatre of Neil Simon) and only in 2009 this figure was dumbfounded by the Hairspray play.

While there were presentations on Broadway, there were several national campaigns launched for tours on cities, starting with Toronto in 1978, going on to Miami in 1978, in Chicago (where the musical was played for 32 weeks). In 1979 – 1980 years there have been replacing of some of the cast, since girls playing little orphans became too grown-up for their roles. Including several substitutions in the role of Annie. Closing of national tours were carried out in 1981, after a musical swept over a large number of cities.

After a very successful 1st campaign, there were 14 more resurrections and tours launched, including shows on Broadway, in the West End, several tours for cities, in London and in other countries. In total, the musical in different variations at different sites and with different actors took more than 10 000 plays, indicating the phenomenal success of the chosen theme and the quality of productions.
Release date: 1977
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