American Mall review

American Mall review

American Mall Review - Broadway musical

The film was created by the same company that made almost the same musical, and also about a supermarket – HSM. The parallels between these two are very obvious to accent attention on them. Very distant from life, this film is intended for an audience of young children who have not yet entered the stage of teenagers, which usually covers the audience of 14 to 21, and is designed for the hearts of those who are between 8 and 14. Because these are young people, who do not know that supermarket, school and friends – are not everything in life.

In general, the topic of supermarkets as close as possible to the Americans who invented such a thing as a "supermarket" (they may yet have different names: shopping malls, hypermarkets, shopping centers, megastores etc.). Whatever the name, they perform several key functions: they are cozy, domestic, you can eat and drink there, buy almost anything, from clothes to the music center and from sweets to a car. You can meet with your friends there, you can spend your time, feeling very protected, in contrast to the world around its walls – unpredictable, evil and directed against you.

Despite the abundance of musical scenes, which are represented by smiling people and the unbridled joy, the film consists of too much clichés to consider it in any way believable or carrying real artistic value. Spoiled Princess, whose family is not full and who has no real friends, only remoras, depicting her friends. The guy-next-door who is the real leader of the team, runs ahead of the car, and moonlighting as a janitor, in spite of the perfect tan, gorgeous body and impermissible fancy body of surfer with a face of the model. The girl-next-door, the image of which was unbelievably managed by Emmanuelle Chriqui (in particular, in the movie named “100 Girls”), are taken up and actively exploited by Nina Dobrev (although, of course, a descendant of Ukrainian immigrants, Larisa Oleynik, in the same film is the best girl-next-door – the dream of many men for infinitely cute image shown by her).

There are many bright colors in the film, beautiful people (and it seems that they may be smart, nice and say some important things exactly until the moment when they open their mouths), coordinated wanton dances, when 2-4 main actor begin to dance and in seconds it appears that all around are dancing. If that film had focus on real life, on better quality of songs, choreography and general saturation of the plot, then it would turn out not bad. If the main girl character has been chosen relatively serious, then the main actor is a muscular parody on the actor named Jerry O'Connell.
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