American Mall synopsis

American Mall synopsis

American Mall Synopsis - Broadway musical

Ally is an open and a little futile teenager girl, who wants in the future to become a singer, extending what her mother does who is the owner of a music store at local supermarket. It happened so that Ally has a friend named Joey, who works as a laborer in the same supermarket, with unrevealed education and obscure aspirations. He has three friends – the same universal workers of this shop. Besides of the mentioned personalities, there are Madison in the picture – soul-rotten daughter of the owner of this local supermarket, who isn’t work and doesn’t study anywhere. All she does – tries to sing somewhere. Since she has extra boring life, she and her three girls, friends, of uncertain employment try every possible way to spoil life of those who works in the supermarket, and often hangs out there.

According to the plot, the music store is a popular gathering place for the local youth, which is somehow totally turned on the music, dancing and singing. The main characters are 9 people – Ally, 4 males and 4 other women. The protagonists are the first five, and antagonists – the last 4. In addition, among the antagonists some differences emerging in the course of plot and eventually only Madison remains as bright antagonist, the rest of the crew shifts to the first camp.

Madison in the course of the story is trying to receive Joey (played by Rob Mayes) and lead him from Ally (which depicted by a girl coming from Slavic migrants, named Nina Dobrev) and she manages it for a while. Later, realizing his mistake, Joey returns to Ally, and it all ends with happy ending.
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