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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture 
  3. Joseph Taylor, Jr 
  4. I Know It Can Happen Again I Know It Can Happen Again Video
  5. Pudgy Legs 
  6. One Foot, Other Foot 
  7. Children's Dance 
  8. Grandmother's Death: I Know It Can Happen Again (Reprise) 
  9. Winters Go By
  10. Poor Joe 
  11. Diploma 
  12. A Fellow Needs a Girl
  13. Dance: Freshmen Get Togethe 
  14. A Darn Nice Campus 
  15. Wildcats 
  16. Jennie Reads Letter: A Darn Nice Campus (Reprise) 
  17. Scene of Professors 
  18. So Far
  19. You Are Never Away
  20. You Are Never Away (Encore) 
  21. Poor Joe (Reprise) 
  22. What a Lovely Day for a Wedding What a Lovely Day for a Wedding Video
  23. It May Be a Good Idea for Joe 
  24. Finale Act I: I Know It Can Happen Again/To Have and To Hold/Wish Them Well 
  25. Act 2
  26. Entr'acte 
  27. Money Isn't Everything
  28. Dance: Money Isn't Everything 
  29. Poor Joe (Reprise) 
  30. You're Never Away (Reprise) 
  31. A Fellow Needs a Girl (Reprise) A Fellow Needs a Girl (Reprise) Video
  32. Ya-ta-ta
  33. The Gentleman Is a Dope
  34. Allegro
  35. Allegro Balle 
  36. Come Home Come Home Video
  37. Finale Ultimo: Ya-ta-ta/Come Home/One Foot, Other Foo 

Winters Go By lyrics

Winters Go By

The winters go by,
The summers fly,
And soon you're a student in "High"!
And now your clothes are spotlessly clean,
Your head is anointed with brilliantine. . .
You're brimming with hope
But can't quite cope
With problems that vex and perplex,
For you don't quite know how to treat
The bewild'ringly opposite sex.

What do you suppose Jenny would do if you kissed her?
Jenny is so innocent, so frail!
You could crush her in your strong, manly arms. . .
But that wouldn't be right.
Besides she might get sore~
Might yell, and wake up her old man!

(Poor Joe!
The older you grow,
The harder it is to know
What to think,
What to do,
Where to go!)

Heigh-ho! It would be nice. . .
Think about it as you walk home.
Make believe you did it,
And make out she wasn't mad
When you kissed her.
Gee, wouldn't it be wonderful
If girls liked it too!
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