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Richard Rodgers wrote music and O. Hammerstein II made the book & lyrics. These people have already collaborated in the production of musicals – this is their third work together. Opening on Broadway took place shortly after the end of WWII, in October 1947. The musical tells the story of life and mental anguish of a man named Joseph Taylor, Junior, who was born in 1905 and during the Great Depression initially worked with his father, but then he moved to the big city, where there was much more opportunities, which he abandoned, as a result of being thoughtless. In fact, many researchers give data that the Great Depression and the economic downturn of 2008 – 2012 are incomparable things – the second was much larger and more catastrophic. The ratio of positive news in the crisis of the 20th century was 3 positive to 1 negative, and in 21st C. there were 90% of negative. Therefore, this piece should be, as for us, rethought after the new realization of this musical – if any – suddenly will be played on Broadway again in the future.

The main problem, which is revealed in this piece, is a problem of conflict of little human and rapidly changing big world in which there are some opportunities, but you have to forget part of your old familiar world forever to take advantage of them. The play had a great success, but, as for us, is entirely dependent on what actors do on stage and how they sing. Because comparing the voices of many who have participated in this musical, to those who really have vivid voices allow immediately understand the difference in presentation of information, and how a viewer will be immersed in the performance.

The play was recognized by too many as too moral and distant from real life and after 9 months of Broadway shows, it closed (with a very small subsequent tour within USA) and very rarely came back to life.
Release date: 1947
Last Update:December, 02nd 2015

Allegro lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture Lyrics   add
  3. Joseph Taylor, Jr Lyrics   add
  4. I Know It Can Happen Again Lyrics I Know It Can Happen Again Video  add
  5. Pudgy Legs Lyrics   add
  6. One Foot, Other Foot Lyrics   add
  7. Children's Dance Lyrics   add
  8. Grandmother's Death: I Know It Can Happen Again (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  9. Winters Go By Lyrics
  10. Poor Joe Lyrics   add
  11. Diploma Lyrics   add
  12. A Fellow Needs a Girl Lyrics
  13. Dance: Freshmen Get Togethe Lyrics   add
  14. A Darn Nice Campus Lyrics   add
  15. Wildcats Lyrics   add
  16. Jennie Reads Letter: A Darn Nice Campus (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  17. Scene of Professors Lyrics   add
  18. So Far Lyrics
  19. You Are Never Away Lyrics
  20. You Are Never Away (Encore) Lyrics   add
  21. Poor Joe (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  22. What a Lovely Day for a Wedding Lyrics What a Lovely Day for a Wedding Video  add
  23. It May Be a Good Idea for Joe Lyrics   add
  24. Finale Act I: I Know It Can Happen Again/To Have and To Hold/Wish Them Well Lyrics   add
  25. Act 2
  26. Entr'acte Lyrics   add
  27. Money Isn't Everything Lyrics
  28. Dance: Money Isn't Everything Lyrics   add
  29. Poor Joe (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  30. You're Never Away (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  31. A Fellow Needs a Girl (Reprise) Lyrics A Fellow Needs a Girl (Reprise) Video  add
  32. Ya-ta-ta Lyrics
  33. The Gentleman Is a Dope Lyrics
  34. Allegro Lyrics
  35. Allegro Balle Lyrics   add
  36. Come Home Lyrics Come Home Video  add
  37. Finale Ultimo: Ya-ta-ta/Come Home/One Foot, Other Foo Lyrics   add
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