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Alice-An Heiress? lyrics

Alice-An Heiress?

Alice--an heiress?
It's so embarassing
To think that she
Could be a whole lot richer that me.
Alice--an heiress?
How silly! How absurd!
She doesn't know a stitch
About being rich--
She doesn't know the meaning of the word!
Alice--an heiress?

Sherriff Toady:
That's what those people say.
But she's innocent and sweet
And easy to cheat.
You know there has got to be a way!

She doesn't know about it yet,
And that's her handicapp.
It means I've got a chance to get
My fingers on that map!

Sherriff Toady:
Alice--an heiress?
A stupid stroke of fate!
You gotta get a plan--

I think I can,
If I just concentrate.
You may think I'm acting like a swine,
But this mine is gonna--

Sherrif Toady:
This mine is gonna--

This mine is gonna be mine!
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