Alas! Alack! Zorro's Back! synopsis

Alas! Alack! Zorro's Back! Synopsis - Broadway musical

We all know the story of Zorro, which is retold here in this format. Certain averaged Mexican village has an evil banker who gave many loans in the city for the purchase of their homes (and to someone – for business objectives), and now, when the city is poor, using the power of twisted law, he robs them and takes away their homes and inheritance since they could not afford to pay his usurious interest rates (here a brilliant parallel made between his behavior and not so far-ago financial crisis, which napped the planet in 2008).

For a very simple story, the tie is detected when the villain banker wants to take away all inherited from a lovely lady who works on him as well. But she has been saved by Zorro, which is one of the locals. But, of course, no one knows about such possible combination.

Under the slogan "Do not be afraid, Henry is here", we obtain familiarity with Zorro, whose life name – on stage – is Henry. Quite a hackneyed plot and not brilliant actors – not surprising, because they are new to the theater and still gain the necessary experience.

Buck Badum – a banker – as a result of his machinations possesses almost the entire city, including the sheriff who actively helps him – sold-out little soul! Conchita is his wife and together they deceive the citizens wherever they can. Alice Sweepup – sweet girl, as can be seen from her family name, which is saved by Zorro, who has recently come to the city. Like all citizens, he is excessively depressed by unlawful actions banker but actually does something. So Zorro rescues her and all the citizens, giving them their homes back, and the greedy banker is now punished with washing the toilets for being bad.
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