Alas! Alack! Zorro's Back! review

Alas! Alack! Zorro's Back! Review - Broadway musical

Someone condemns this production because of its incompetence, completely flat jokes and even inappropriate use of the meanings of words (count – illiteracy). Someone does not believe in the play, saying that humor is like meatballs (whatever that means), and all that is shown on the stage is a solid spoof and loose. Maybe it is – because the actors are just starting to walk a trail of acting and came from school. On the posters, we were met by a postscript that it is school productions. At the entrance, we have not met a cashier, as the entrance to the show was free. We think that the discontent of some individuals with a bad game – it's like spitting on moldy cheese in a mousetrap. That is, either you pass by this free treats, or you take it at your own risk. It would be like to meet Santa at the mall, to receive from him a free chocolate, and then be dissatisfied that it has no filling.

Quest Theatre Ensemble is a host of this show, though not very spectacular, but the actors are trying and this is quite noticeable, plus evening pastime is provided to you for free. If you go out on a date – this is the format on hand.

Make-up of actors was very exaggerated, but it clearly shows who is who. Animation on the scene is abound – even cacti move. It is both a romance and a potpourri and a medley of well-known songs (Hotel Cucaracha – undoubtedly the Mexican version of Hotel California).

Rather, such a genre as selected here, is a parody of a boring idea that someone may not like it because of the very frivolous interpretations of the plot or the possibility of absorption of free popcorn and when especially good moment comes – throw it into the main villain. Everything must be treated easily and this musical represents this holy simplicity.

Actors afford speaking directly to the audience sitting in the hall. Some people don’t like not very solid contrast between the female villain and a positive Anita Sweepup. But it is quite a matter of taste.

The hall is filled with live music and it is a very good move of director, whom we praise you for the invitation of band named The Four Sombreros – they have added much of entourage.

Easy mood, good evening (especially in winter slush and cold), good company and a sense of the world’s diversity is provided to you after viewing this musical.
Last Update:April, 06th 2016

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