13 review

13 review

13 Review - Broadway musical

New musical by Jason Robert Brown is less well known than the previous works of the author. But due to the fact that the plot is devoted to adolescents who meet adulthood, this play took a special place among the various theater productions. It turns out there are many spectators, who are very close in spirit to this not easy topic. Broadway play went down in history as the only thing, which was developed only by young actors and musicians. The musical has received various criticisms. Many reviewers felt the show was too complicated to be executed only by powers of teenagers, while others noted melodic compositions with subtle humor and different originality. Production turned out not too cloying, but also there was no excess of pessimism and drama inherent in the rest of the shows on similar subjects. Critics have noted the sincerity of emotions of performers, who were in the age of their characters or just recently grown up from it.

West End production was of a great success with the public. Reviewers have drawn attention to the great skill of young actors. However, they regretted that musical had been shown in the theater very shortly. The choreography of Drew McOnie was estimated well, who was able to pass all shades of feelings of heroes through seemingly spontaneous movements of street dancing. Critics noted the gorgeous vocals of Guy Harvey, perfectly embodied into a Jewish teenager who was left without friends and acquaintances before the onset of one of the most important events in his life. Tim Mahendran and Sienna Kelly also perfectly showed their characters – they were not afraid to introduce Archie and Patrice as eccentric teenagers, which caused a great sympathy of spectators.

The play about the adaptation of the child's life in a new environment was interesting not only to children but also to adults. Raising questions about the honesty, love and friendship, the show paid a lot of attention to intolerance, selfishness and deceit that existed among adolescents. Despite the fact that the musical focuses on certain problems of the young generation, it turned out bright and cheerful. Looking at this theatrical, adult audience began to remember their school years with a smile. The children on the example of the protagonists could see that true friendship is more important than the false friends, so they wouldn’t seek for false popularity among peers, losing the loyalty of true comrades. As the play involves only young actors, the production has become very popular in the American school theaters. In was announced in 2014 about the beginning of the creation of a motion film based on the musical.
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