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Funny Girl Lyrics

Ray Stark, during several years and 12 different variants of cooperation with various writers wanted to do this story much. As a result, it only led to embezzlement of personal $ 50 thousand. However, the 12th on account version succeed, and he decided to satisfy his demand in upcoming film, sold it for 0.4 million dollars (+%) to one of the film studios. On the basis of the film, a musical was made, which in 1964 has been taken to the stage after 17 previews. It visited 3 different theaters, including the Majestic. Closure was held at The Broadway Theatre, after a fantastically successful 1340+ exhibitions. G. Kanin was the director, C. Haney – was responsible for the choreography. In addition to the main star, Barbra Streisand, the cast list also included: J. Desmond, L. Kazan, K. Medford, J. Stapleton & D. Meehan. M. Hines later replaced Streisand, also bringing her husband along, P. Ford.

In 1966, Streisand returned briefly in the musical to be seen in its cast in the West End, under the leadership of director L. Kasha. L. Shane replaced Streisand after her pregnancy and continued to play there until closure.

US tour began in 1996, 32 years after the start on Broadway, now presenting a show as Broadway’s classics (of what, in fact, musical was at that time). Despite the planned visit to thirty cities, the show attended only a few before its closure in the same in 1996 (obviously, because of the reason of box office failure).

Among subsequent resurrections of production, was a concerto of 2002 in New Amsterdam Theatre, with top stars Kristin Chenoweth, Whoopi Goldberg and Idina Menzel. Among the other actors were: R. Lake, G. Beach, C. Carmello, P. Gallagher, S. Foster, L. Cariou, A. Gasteyer, L. White, J. Krakowski, A. Playten, J. Kuhn, B. Neuwirth, J. Murney, A. Martin, LaChanze & The Rockettes. By the way, the The Rockettes band spawned followers, which were especially numerous among the girly music bands, the same frivolous.
Release date: 1964
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