Funny Girl synopsis

Funny Girl synopsis

Funny Girl Synopsis - Broadway musical

The musical, in which the main role was performed by Barbra Streisand. She plays Fanny Brice, waiting for her husband from the prison and remembers her old life. While being a girl, she was very fascinated by the theater and got her first role in the vaudeville, despite all the efforts of her entourage to dissuade her from this (they believed that she was ugly and had no place in show business). But since she was very persistent, even after the failure of her show, when she was fired off, she finds a new place on Broadway, not knowing that it would be another romantic nonsense, which eventually turns out to be a failure again, at the start.

After meeting with a certain young man named Nicky, she was very interested in him, finding in one a kindred spirit. In addition, he was refined and gentle, and because she was also like that, committed to a beautiful life, she decided even to marry him, after he recognized his feelings after dinner at a restaurant.

They do get married for real and move to live in a big house of him, and she becomes the new star of the big musical on Broadway. After some time, she asks the musical producer to invest in a new venture – the casino, he reluctantly does, succumbed to her persuasion, but it burns through and they lose a lot of money. At this, black stripe does not stop, and she persuades her husband to enter into dubious securities transaction that ends with his arrest. She, though, loves her husband, feels helpless. After her husband eventually goes out of prison, he decides to divorce her. She was in despair, feeling broken, but attempts to glue own life somehow together.
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