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Zombie Prom Musical Lyrics

Zombie Prom description

Music was composed by D. P. Rowe. The libretto and lyrics were written by John Dempsey. Premiere was held in 1993 in the Florida Red Barn Theatre. Production has been developed by a director J. Hawkins. Off-Broadway musical took place in the Variety Arts Theatre from March to April 1996, exhibiting 28 regular performances. Production was carried out by director Philip McKinley and choreographer Tony Stevens. The cast involved R. Roland, K. Murphy, J. S. Wilson, R. Muenz, R. Rich, M. Lovci, J. Skowron, N. Toro, S Stevens & C. Trien. In 2004, British production was held in Hitchens’ Queen Mother Theatre with the participation of Katherine Judkins and Sophie Michaels in the main parts. In 2006, the short film was created based on a plot of this musical. Director of the film was Vince Marcello.

From October to November 2009, production was held at London's Landor Theatre, carried out by director Ian McFarlane and choreographer Grace Harrington. The play had the following cast: Sophie Issacs, Jonathan Vickers, Lucy May Barker & Darren John. In June 2011, the theatrical was presented in London’s Drill Hall. The choreography developed Lisa Donmall. The cast of actors was: Kay Victoria Hindmarsh, David Moss, Laura Beth Mortemore & Lauren Austin. In March 2013, the spectacle was shown in the Mayfield High School Theatre. In the production participated Haley Kirkpatrick, Joel Fisk, Courtney Hiedenreich & Abraham Espana. In November 2013, the play was exhibited in the Ohio State University Theatre, directed by Mandy Fox. Kelly Hogan, Trent Rowland, Liz Light & Ryan Boda were in the cast.
Release date: 1997
Last Update:August, 16th 2016

Zombie Prom Lyrics

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