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War Paint Musical Lyrics

War Paint description

War Paint tells the remarkable story of cosmetics titans Helena Rubinstein and Elizabeth Arden, who defined beauty standards for the first half of the 20th Century. Brilliant innovators with humble roots, both women were masters of self-invention who sacrificed everything to become the country’s first major female entrepreneurs. They were also fierce competitors, whose 50-year tug-of-war would give birth to an industry that would forever change the face of America. From Fifth Avenue society to the halls of Congress, their intense rivalry was ruthless, relentless and legendary—pushing both women to build international empires in a world dominated by men.

Release date: 2017
Last Update:June, 24th 2017

War Paint Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Best Face Forward Lyrics 
  3. Behind the Red Door Lyrics 
  4. Back on Top Lyrics 
  5. My Secret Weapon Lyrics 
  6. My American Moment Lyrics 
  7. Step on Out Lyrics 
  8. If I'd Been a Man Lyrics 
  9. Better Yourself Lyrics
  10. Oh, That's Rich Lyrics 
  11. Face to Face Lyrics
  12. Act 2
  13. Inside of the Jar Lyrics 
  14. Necessity is the Mother of Invention Lyrics 
  15. Best Face Forward (Reprise) Lyrics 
  16. Now You Know Lyrics
  17. No Thank You Lyrics 
  18. Fire and Ice Lyrics 
  19. Dinosaurs Lyrics 
  20. Pink Lyrics
  21. Forever Beautiful Lyrics
  22. Beauty in the World Lyrics 
  23. Finale Lyrics 

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