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Face to Face Lyrics

Will I ever escape my shadow?
Still attached as we always were
Her my nemesis and my life long rival
Now we're fighting the world for our survival
Do I dare to breach the wall of silence?
This insanity has brought us both disgrace!
There's so much I would wish to ask her
For who better to appreciate my case
Reveal what's real beneath the War Paint
Just us two
Talking Face to Face

Why endeavor to end this standoff?
I have nothing to learn from her
She my enemy and my would be equal
Dueling actresses in our haunting sequel
Though if only we could pool our knowledge
Make an armistice and hold the fort in place
With chaos reigning down upon us
Could we reach beyond the mirror and time and space
And wipe away the mask of makeup?
Just us two talking face to face

Does she ever stare through empty air all weak and lonely?
Regret how we came to share each others one and only?

Does she know how good I think she is enough to goad me?
Forget how I overcame the obstacles life showed me
Or why I moved mountains?

Or why I crossed oceans?

Or put my ambitions above my emotions?
The day I decided I would live a life, life owed me, owed me!

And yet even so

Yet even so

One wonders you know...

Which impressionist is her favorite?

Which french perfume does she prefer?

Could we possibly ever bridge the distance?

Fight united for once in coexistence?

Far to often and to (?man defences?)
Too competitive to ever win the race

We cling to our instinctive grudges

Like to horses in an endless steeplechase

Or wipe away the mask of makeup

Just to talk

Not to spar

Man to man

Queen to Queen

On a par, in our fall from grace
As we all, start to stare
Standing Face to Face
Last Update: June, 24th 2017

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