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Very Potter, A Lyrics

Songs for the show wrote A. J. Holmes & D. Criss. The script created Matt & Nick Lang & B. Holden. The theatrical’s try-outs began in early April 2009, in the campus of University of Michigan. The show was designed by StarKid Productions. Director of the staging was M. Lang. A. J. Holmes & E. Stromberg were also engaged in the production. Costumes were designed by M. Woodward. Musical accompaniment was carried out by A. J. Holmes, C. Valdez & J. Carroll. D. Criss played the main role. His friends were played by J. Richter & B. Gruesen. The following actors were involved in the musical: J. L. Beatty, L. Lopez, B. Rosenthal, J. Walker, D. Saunders, J. Moses, B. Coleman, T. Brunsman, D. Lytle, R. Campbell, J. Albain, S. Tajima, J. Povolo & L. Marks. In June 2009, being on YouTube, show has received millions of views. This allowed creating a continuation of the musical: in 2010 – ‘A Very Potter Sequel’ & in August 2012 – ‘A Very Potter 3D: A Very Potter Senior Year’. At the end of July 2009, album with compositions from the show was released.
Release date: 2010
Last Update:August, 11th 2016

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