Very Potter, A synopsis

Very Potter, A synopsis

Very Potter, A Synopsis - Broadway musical

Harry Potter with Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley started the second year of study in the School of Witchcraft Hogwarts. Director Dumbledore announced the start of the tournament between faculties. The names of Harry Potter, Cho Chang, Cedric Diggory and Draco Malfoy were pulled out from the magical cup. Hermione worried that past tournament was very bloody. Teacher Quirinus Quirrell had a symbiotic soul of the evil wizard Voldemort. They both did not like this situation. Instead of thinking about the tournament, Harry was writing a love song for Cho. Checking his work on Ron's sister, teenager had not noticed that Ginny feel in love with him. As a result, Harry could hardly overcome the dragon of the first phase of the tournament – he managed to enchant him with own music. Quirrell and Voldemort went to drink, recalling past times, when they became close friends.

In preparation for the Christmas Ball, Ginny wanted to invite Harry to go with her, but he was thinking about how to go out there with Cho. His plans collapsed – a girl went there with Cedric. At the ball, friends saw transformed Hermione. Ron could not stand it, seeing her dancing with Draco, and spoiled a holiday for a girl. Harry tried to grab the attention of Cho and started a fight with Cedric. Grabbing a ladle under a spell, a teenager with a rival were transported to the cemetery – a trap of Quirrell and Voldemort has worked. A revival of the evil wizard has occurred there. The Death Eaters came again for the host’s call. When he learned that he must become the one on whom should fall the blame for the murder of Harry, Quirrell began the battle with Voldemort. After losing, he went to prison for wizards. Potter managed to escape, Cedric died.

Despite the fact that in Voldemort’s video blog there was a message about his revival, the Minister of Magic did not believe it. He also did not heed the words of returned Harry. Only Dumbledore believed his student. Death Eater Severus has led Draco Malfoy to his host. The teenager told about the secret entrance to the Hogwarts school. Voldemort forced him to sign a contract to murder Dumbledore. When Ginny confessed Harry in love, he said that he couldn’t start a new relationship now. Soon, the three students came to Hogwarts’ headmaster. There Harry, Ron and Hermione have learned the secret of Voldemort. The soul of the evil wizard was divided into 6 pieces and hidden in the Horcruxes – special containers. Dumbledore instructed them to put an end to the last object that was stored somewhere in the school’s premises. Soon, the Death Eaters broke into Hogwarts. Malfoy did not dare to kill the director, and Snape did it for him.

Harry, Quirrell and Voldemort were longing for those ones they’ve lost. After receiving the control over the Ministry of Magic, the evil wizard was going to go to school. Hermione, Ron and Ginny were able to support frustrated Harry, convincing him not to give up. The boys went to find the Horcrux, and the girls called the reinforcements from the Order of the Phoenix. Ron managed to overcome a picture of the director, which was a part of Voldemort. Hermione and Ginny grabbed one of the Death Eaters. As a double agent, Snape tried to save them, but the teacher was killed. Girls were rescued by Ron and his mother. Dying Severus could say that Harry was a 7th Horcrux. Having decided on his own death from the hands of Voldemort, Potter met in the afterlife with Albus Dumbledore. There he learned that, by killing Harry, an evil wizard destroyed himself his last Horcrux. Soon, Harry woke up and defeated Voldemort. After the battle, the teenager was handed with a Cup of the school. Now he could answer to Ginny’s feelings. Voldemort’s spirit went to jail to Quirrell, where they happily reunited.
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