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That's What Kids Do Musical Lyrics

That's What Kids Do Lyrics

  1. The Night Before
  2. That's What Kids Do! 1
  3. Long Walk from Kindergarten
  4. Cool
  5. She'd Appreciate It
  6. Give the Girls a Break!
  7. Our Way
  8. Cafeteria Food
  9. In My Room
  10. Homework Blues
  11. The Party
  12. Summer Sun
  13. The Note
  14. Shout the Message!

That's What Kids Do description

Lyrics and music composed by Cathy Block. The premiere of the revue was held in October 2000 in Doylestown. In August 2001, the album was recorded from the numbers of the show. In early September 2001, in Princeton, NJ were held 4 stagings of the production. In October 2001, the revue presented within the framework of ‘TEMPO!’, created in Pennsylvania. In October 2003, the theatrical was shown in Quakertown’s Main Street Theatre. It survived for 4 exhibitions. The spectacular was directed and choreographed by K. Lewis. Passing within the ‘TEMPO!’ in 2003, the show was filmed for WLVT. In July 2008, the revue was shown in Pennsylvania’s Sellersville Theater. Then production took place in the Bristol Riverside Theatre.

In July 2009, there was provided a continuation of the show – ‘Steps’ (‘That's What Kids Do II’). In October 2009, the original histrionics was shown in Bristol Riverside Theatre. At the end of October 2009, the show took place in Newtown Theatre. In the season 2014-2015, Bristol Riverside Theatre hosted the revue again. The only country except of the USA where the histrionics was made, was the Republic of South Africa.
Release date: 2009
Last Update:July, 18th 2016

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