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That's What Kids Do synopsis

This musical is a revue with a few dialogues in the performance by ‘The Living Green Children’s Chorus’. This kids' choir was created by music teacher Cathy Block. The theatrical consists of 14 songs, which performed by 22 young actors. The songs tell the stories of how difficult it is for children to wake up early in the mornings, go to school, do their homework, when there are so many fun and interesting around. Young students want to return to the carefree pastime, but their parents are adamant – classes are more important than the games with their friends. Trying to become important in the world of the school, the children imagine themselves cool and popular. In efforts to avoid being alone, many of them are willing to establish good relationships with close people. But sometimes these attempts do not meet approval – to shave off the hair at sister's favorite doll is not the best idea to establish a friendly contact.

Clashes between boys and girls always happen, so it's hard to believe the words of mother, that one day everything will change. Not a single child's play passes without incident. Nobody seeks to make them specifically – it just happens. School instills doubts – especially its cafeteria. How one does know the quality of the products, if they have an obscure taste? Only the pizza is beyond any suspicion. The desire for freedom can be expressed inside own room, but what happens when you leave it? Children carry in school great weights in the form of textbooks, and on returning, they are expected by not less overload. Homework makes sing the blues, but no one except one student is able to perform it.

Future party has made everyone anxious, but someone was forgotten to be invited to this fest. Here comes the summer. Joy and love of life are back with it.
Last Update:July, 18th 2016

That's What Kids Do Lyrics

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