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Spoof Odyssey Musical Lyrics

Spoof Odyssey description

The show was opened in 2000 in the Stardust Theater and this is 11th in a row among the entire cycle of Forbidden Broadway. Phillip George, as a creative partner of Alessandrini, largely helped creating this show, including dialogues and thinking-through the very essence of sketches. Album with this show is the seventh in a row among the 13 recordings of the cycle in general and it was released in the same year in New York, as well as almost all other recordings (among 13 of them, only one was released not in New York, in Los Angeles, which critics considered the least successful piece. This had many experimental things that the creators have tried but have not experienced as convenient – a parody on movies, not musicals; word “Broadway” has been removed from the name and recording, as we have said, was released in another city). Cynthia Daniels recorded the album at Sound On Sound recording studio.

The musical received Drama Desk Award in 2001 (as the best revue). Such people worked on its creation: G. Alessandrini (lyrics, create, director, actor and co-producer); Phillip George (both second director & responcible for choreography), W. B. Sawyer (sound), C. Stornetta (music), B. Kaye (sets), A. Colt (wardrobe), M. Janowitz (lighting set), E. Rusconi (manager), P .S. Group (PR), J. Griffith (stage executive), P. Blue (consulting). Actors were as follows: C. Pedi, G. Kreiezmar, T. Nation, W. Selby, D. Gurwin & F. Finley.
Release date: 2001
Last Update:June, 25th 2017

Spoof Odyssey Lyrics

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