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Shrek Musical Lyrics

Shrek description

Music for this theatrical was written by J. Tesori, script & lyrics belong to D. Lindsay-Abaire. The basis of the musical is the same-named animation movie of 2001 from DreamWorks company & book by W. Steig, published in 1990. The play tells the story of an ogre who agrees to rescue the princess, to receive his cute marsh back. All events are accompanied by a high-quality well-developed sense of humor & music. In 2013 was published record on DVD & Blu-Ray. Currently it is available for digital download.

Preliminaries began in the penultimate month of 2008. On Broadway, they started in Dec. 2008. The venue was The Broadway Theatre, located in NYC. The cast was: C. Sieber, B. d'Arcy James, S. Foster, D. Breaker (Donkey) & H. Burton (Dragon). Production was in run for more than a year & was closed in January 2010. During this period, the audience saw almost 4509 performances & 37 preliminaries.

In 2009, the histrionics managed to get 12 nominations for Drama Desk, 8 nom. for Tony & even 1 nom. for the Grammy. Ultimately, this project has received 4 awards, especially for design & costumers. Despite favorable feedback of spectators, the play could not overcome production investments, amounting to 25 million dollars. The New York Times noted that the musical was perfect on DVD, but its demonstration on the stage did not cause much enthusiasm.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Shrek Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture / Big Bright Beautiful World Lyrics
  3. Story of My Life Lyrics
  4. The Goodbye Song Lyrics
  5. Don't Let Me Go Lyrics
  6. I Know It's Today Lyrics
  7. What's Up, Duloc? Lyrics
  8. Travel Song Lyrics
  9. Donkey Pot Pie Lyrics
  10. This Is How Dreams Come True Lyrics
  11. Who I'd Be Lyrics
  12. Act 2
  13. Morning Person Lyrics
  14. I Think I Got You Beat Lyrics
  15. The Ballad of Farquaad Lyrics
  16. Make a Move Lyrics
  17. When Words Fail Lyrics
  18. Morning Person (Reprise) Lyrics
  19. Build A Wall Lyrics
  20. Freak Flag Lyrics
  21. Big Bright Beautiful World (Reprise) Lyrics
  22. More to the Story Lyrics
  23. This is Our Story (Finale) Lyrics
  24. I'm a Believer Lyrics

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