Say, Darling (musical) (lyrics, songs)

Musical’s script was created by A. Burrows, M. Bissell & R. Bissell. Music composed by J. Styne. Lyrics written by A. Green & B. Comden. Broadway premiere took place in early April 1958, in ANTA Washington Square Theatre. In early December, the musical moved to the Martin Beck Theatre, where the spectacular was shown till the middle of January 1959. It has survived for 332 exhibitions. Production was carried out by director Abe Burrows and choreographer Matt Mattox. The cast involved D. Wayne, V. Blaine, T. Snow, J. Desmond, J. Cowan, H. McMahon, C. Ford, E. Albert, E. Gould, V. Martin, R. Morse & K. Leigh. At the end of February 1959, off-Broadway production took place in NYC Center Theatre. Unfortunately, it was holding only for 16 performances. The show had such cast: R. Morse & O. Bean as main actors.

In July 1959, staging was shown in the Grand Theatre, Sullivan, Illinois. The director was S. Eden, choreographer – J. Schnee. The musical included this cast: J. Kelso, S. Thayer, S. Eden, J. Frosher, J. Shea, A. Austin, M. Ems, R. Gwaltney, N. Bacon, J. Little, T. Lawrie, D. Lamb, B. Fahey, E. McCarty & J. Runyon. From May to June 1996, new off-Broadway productions were held in West End with only 16 performances. Production was directed by R. Armin and had such cast: B. Tatum, S. Gibbons, D. Vogel, L. Bowman & P. Amodeo. In March 2013, reborn production took place in NYC’s MTC Creative Center under the direction of Ben West. In the musical were involved R. H. Blake, J. Cassidy, A. Hohn, M. Saldivar, B. Sears & P. S. Smith. In 1958, the musical won Theatre World Award. Also, the show was nominated for the Tony Award. In 1958, a record of album with Broadway actors has been made.
Release date: 1958
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Say, Darling lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. Try to Love Me Lyrics   add
  3. It's Doom Lyrics   add
  4. Husking Bee Lyrics   add
  5. Act 2
  6. It's the Second Time You Meet That Matters Lyrics   add
  7. Chief of Love Lyrics   add
  8. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning Lyrics   add
  9. Say, Darling Lyrics   add
  10. Carnival Song Lyrics   add
  11. Act 3
  12. Dance Only with Me Lyrics   add
  13. Something's Always Happening on the River Lyrics   add
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