Say, Darling review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Try to Love Me 
  3. It's Doom 
  4. Husking Bee 
  5. Act 2
  6. It's the Second Time You Meet That Matters 
  7. Chief of Love 
  8. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning 
  9. Say, Darling 
  10. Carnival Song 
  11. Act 3
  12. Dance Only with Me 
  13. Something's Always Happening on the River 
  14. Finale 

Say, Darling review

Say, Darling Review - Broadway musical

The musical is an adaptation of a semi-autobiographical novel by Richard Bissell, in which the writer talked about how has been created a theatrical production following his other work. In his book, the writer portrayed the famous representatives of the New York Broadway’s show business. Focusing on the life experience, the writer has created a novel about the adaptation of the book’s plot for the scenario of the future musical. New product of R. Bissell has become very popular, so it was decided to stage it.

J. Styne attracted to the creation of the production a Broadway’s veteran Abe Burrows. He also connected to the work on the screenplay R. Bissell himself and his wife Marian. In order to revive the comedy, has been made the decision to enter into the histrionics a number of songs. They were presented as numbers, performed by actors auditioned for the musical. Also the spectacular included songs based on the book by J. Jordan. In this production were used the effect of the show inside of the show, which made it possible to present in the play performances of various music styles.

At first, Burrows ignored actor R. Morse – after audition, the director did not give him any role. The actor at the time has had very serious financial difficulties. The man did not have enough money even for food, and it affected his appearance a lot. When Jule Styne saw as R. Morse goes away from audition, he stopped the actor. The composer took him to the dress store. There J. Styne bought for Robert a new suit, shirt, tie and coat. Composer asked a man to go casting again the next morning. Burrows immediately confirmed an actor for the role of producer Ted Snow. Subsequently, the director said that he had never met with Robert Morse before. It is this actor later won Theatre World Award, and was nominated for a Tony Award.

The public really liked Broadway’s theatrical. Most critics also reacted favorably to this show – the musical has not impressed only a critic from ‘The New York Times’. Many reviewers noted that the show was very funny, charming and heart-felt. They also draw readers' attention to an ingenious material flow – Richard Bissell has shown in his work the Broadway production’s pitfalls and troubles behind the scenes that occurred when creating every theatrical production. Despite the high initial interest of the public, the show in subsequent years rarely appeared at the theater’s stages. In modern times, this production performed mainly in programs that tell about the story of old musicals.
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