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Notre Dame de Paris Musical Lyrics

Notre Dame de Paris description

The original histrionics made such stage works popular in France. In order to benefit the 1st night of the play, upfront the premiere in France’s capital were published 3 songs from it, one of which – Belle – became ?1 song in Europe & was even nominated for the best century’s song position. This single became wildly popular in whole world & in Asia singers performed even their own versions of this piece.

Since the opening nite, the histrionics was staged in many countries (Switzerland, Canada, the USA, Belgium, China, and UK amongst others) & its translation was performed onto 6 languages (Spanish, English & Flemish are amongst them). A cutted variant of the performance has been exhibited in the 1st year of XXI century in the USA’s Vegas city. Separate singles from this piece became popular in countries, supporting French as one of the main ones. C. Dion performed one of the songs, despite the fact she didn’t take part in this spectacular.

During 4 years from 2010, it has been presented in such progressive capitals of the world as Kiev, Paris & Beirut. At the beginning of 2016 paparazzi were outspoken to reveal that the spectacular would be reborn again in November in Paris in Le Palais des Congrès de Paris & after that the troupe would travel in France in a national tour. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the first year of production of this show was the most successful in the history of world musicals. The original French concept album with all the songs from the musical was recorded 7 times. Part of Esmeralda sang Israeli singer Achinoam Nini (a.k.a. Noa).
Release date: 1998
Last Update:June, 25th 2016

Notre Dame de Paris Lyrics

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