New Girl in Town Musical Lyrics

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New Girl in Town Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture   add
  3. Roll Yer Socks Up   add
  4. Anna Lilla   add
  5. Sunshine Girl   add
  6. On the Farm   add
  7. Flings   add
  8. It's Good to Be Alive   add
  9. Look at 'Er   add
  10. It's Good to Be Alive (Reprise)   add
  11. Yer My Friend Ain'tcha?   add
  12. Did You Close Your Eyes?   add
  13. At the Check Apron Ball   add
  14. There Ain't No Flies on Me   add
  15. Act 2
  16. Ven I Valse   add
  17. Sunshine Girl (Reprise)   add
  18. If That Was Love   add
  19. Chess and Checkers   add
  20. Look at 'Er (Reprise)   add

At the heart of this histrionics is the product of Eugene O'Neill. Songwriter – B. Merrill, G. Abbott wrote the libretto. Premiere on Broadway was conducted in 1957 in Theatre on 46th Street. Last performance was given in May 1958 after 431 exhibitions. Director was G. Abbott, choreographer – B. Fosse. Starring: G. Verdon, G. Wallace, C. Prud'homme, T. Ritter, E. Daniels, J. Aristides, M. Quinn, L. Bates, D. Davis, P. Ferrier & H. Fields. In 1958, the production was nominated for a Tony Award in four categories. G. Verdon & T. Ritter received awards.

Off-Broadway production was shown on the stage of New York Irish Repertory Theatre from July to September 2011, directed by C. Moore. Choreographer was B. McNabb. The cast involved: C. Bemis, M. L. Robinson, P. Cummings, D. Ferland, D. Caddell, A. Church, M. Gibson, K. D. Neumann, A. Puette, A. Stone & S. Zinnato.
Release date: 1957
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