New Girl in Town synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture 
  3. Roll Yer Socks Up 
  4. Anna Lilla 
  5. Sunshine Girl 
  6. On the Farm 
  7. Flings 
  8. It's Good to Be Alive 
  9. Look at 'Er 
  10. It's Good to Be Alive (Reprise) 
  11. Yer My Friend Ain'tcha? 
  12. Did You Close Your Eyes? 
  13. At the Check Apron Ball 
  14. There Ain't No Flies on Me 
  15. Act 2
  16. Ven I Valse 
  17. Sunshine Girl (Reprise) 
  18. If That Was Love 
  19. Chess and Checkers 
  20. Look at 'Er (Reprise) 

New Girl in Town synopsis

New Girl in Town Synopsis - Broadway musical

New York. The beginning of XX century. The captain of the barge Chris Christopherson was teasing prostitutes, awaiting sailors in the day of payment. Girlfriend Marthy told him the news – his daughter is about to arrive. Man sent Anna at the age of 5 years to live with cousins in Minnesota. After that, he never saw her. A girl wrote that she works as a nurse. Marthy started to search for a daughter of Chris. Soon she saw a young woman who came into the bar and ordered a whiskey. Having learned that the battered person is 20-year-old Anna, Marthy was really surprised. Captain's daughter confessed – she was engaged in prostitution before and went to prison. After finding her illness, the girl was released. Anna became so because of the cousins, who, as erroneously thought Chris, she was safe to live with.

Soon the girl's father came. Chris offered his daughter to swim with him on a barge to recover her strengths. He also asked Marthy to live separately, to make way for Anna. The woman was angry and hit the captain. On father's barge, Anna felt better. Soon the crew saved the shipwrecked people. Seeing the girl, a sailor Mat tried to kiss her. Anna slipped away from the sailor. After returning to the harbor, Mat has attracted the attention of journalists – he talked about his own salvation, constantly mentioning this girl.

Chris bought his daughter two tickets to the ball in Tammany Hall. The girl was chased by Masher, who claimed that he had known her before. Mat drove man away. Marthy resented on Chris – captain distanced himself from her, believing that his daughter should not communicate with such a woman. Concubine had stolen from him one ticket to the ball. Mat asked Anna, what feelings she feels for him. A girl admitted that fell in love with him. Soon Chris came. The captain fell into a rage when he heard from Mat that he wants to marry his daughter. Anna surprised them both. She stated that she could not marry her beloved. Resolving of this issue was postponed for another time – the ball started soon.

Marthy appeared at the ceremony wearing an updated dress and the old captain's shoes. Soon she began to drink. Mat was jealous of Anna, which enjoyed great success in men’s circle. When a sailor tried to bring a drunken Marthy out, she hinted about the past of his beloved. Mat asked about this directly from Anna, and she admitted that she was a prostitute. The man backed away from his beloved. He decided to sail away on any ship as quickly as possible. Realizing own actions, distressed Marthy advised a girl not to admit her past. Anna tried to explain to her beloved that she had changed, but he did not believe her. Upset girl left the ball. Gathering own stuff in the room of her father, the daughter told him about her past. Soon Chris floated away on a barge. When the girl came with a bag on the street, gardener Henry has spoken to her respectfully – he considered her a respectable lady.

A year has passed. Anna lived and worked on a farm of Henry. Chris met Mat, who returned to the banks – he was going to sail away in a few hours. The captain had deceived him, saying that his daughter was married. Soon Anna and Henry came. The girl said to Mat, that she is not married, but simply works on the farm. They agreed to meet later. Chris saw the changed Marthy. She helped to fund of sailors rescue to collect money. Mat asked her, how would he understand, whether Anna continues to love him. The woman told him to look at the girl's clothes. When Anna met with a man, she wore a beautiful dress, put on especially for the sailor. Enchanted Mat promised to come back as soon as circumstances permit to marry her.
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