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Miss Liberty Musical Lyrics

Miss Liberty description

The first Off-Broadway show took place in Philadelphia in June 1949. Despite many negative reviews from critics, a four-week rental of musical brought creators 170,000 dollars. This was the signal for the transfer of the project on Broadway. It started there in July 1949. As the venue, Imperial Theatre was chosen. Official closure took place in April 1950. During this period, the audience saw 308 productions.

It was directed by Moss Hart. Under his leadership, a number of well-known actors has appeared, including E. Albert, A. McLerie, M. McCarty & C. Dingle. Choreographic component was performed by J. Robbins, costumes and sets – designed by O. Smith. In 1950, the musical won a Tony Award for the best techniques (J. Lynn). Critics took the show very coldly. Brooks Atkinson of The New York Times called it a total disappointment. Even further went W. Morehouse of The Journal, which said that the musical was an acute disaster. However, the presence of such critics did not prevent a variety of songs from the production to become real hits. Weekly income from the sale of albums on that time was from 5000 to 9000 dollars.
Release date: 1949
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Miss Liberty Lyrics

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