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Marie Christine Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. The Map of Your Heart The Map of Your Heart Video  add
  3. Before the Morning
  4. Mamzell' Marie / Ton Grandpere est le soleil
  5. Beautiful
  6. In an Instant / Way Back to Paradise
  7. When You Look at a Man
  8. The Storm / C'est l'amour / To Find a Lover
  9. Nothing Beats Chicago / Ocean is Different / Danced With a Girl
  10. Tout Mi Mi / He Is My Release / Miracles and Mysteries
  11. I Don't Hear the Ocean / Bird Inside the House
  12. All Eyes Look Upon You / A Month Ago / Danced With a Girl (Reprise) All Eyes Look Upon You / A Month Ago / Danced With a Girl (Reprise) Video  add
  13. We're Gonna Go to Chicago / And You Would Lie / I Will Give We're Gonna Go to Chicago / And You Would Lie / I Will Give Video  add
  14. Act I Finale Act I Finale Video  add
  15. Act 2
  16. Opening / I Will Love You Opening / I Will Love You Video  add
  17. Cincinnati / You're Looking at the Man Cincinnati / You're Looking at the Man Video  add
  18. The Scorpion / Lover, Bring Me Summer
  19. Tell Me / Billy Was Sweet / Paradise is Burning Down Tell Me / Billy Was Sweet / Paradise is Burning Down Video  add
  20. Prison in a Prison Prison in a Prison Video  add
  21. Better and Best / Good Looking Woman
  22. No Turning Back / Before the Morning (reprise) No Turning Back / Before the Morning (reprise) Video  add
  23. Beautiful (reprise) Beautiful (reprise) Video  add
  24. I Will Love You (Reprise) I Will Love You (Reprise) Video  add
  25. Your Name / Innocence Dies / Finale Your Name / Innocence Dies / Finale Video  add

This is a play written by M. J. LaChiusa. Its scenario tells about the events that unfold in the late 19th century in city of witchcraft New Orleans. Chicago is also involved. To some extent, the story is a modern interpretation of Medea (the Greek theatrical). It highlights various magical practices, such as voodoo things. In the center is somewhere historical figure of Marie Laveau, whose life is shrouded in various myths and legends. The music & lyrics for the play were composed by M. J. LaChiusa.

The first Broadway’s show of this histrionics occurred on December 1999 in the Vivian Beaumont Theater, located in Lincoln Center. Closure of musical dated January 2000. For more than a month, on Broadway were held 42 performances & 39 preliminaries. The director & choreographer was G. Daniele. Starring: A. McDonald, A. Crivello, V. Reed & M. Testa.

The project has received several nominations for the Tony Award. In particular, the production claimed on the prize for the best book for the musical (LaChiusa), the best show (LaChiusa), as well as Best Leading Actress (McDonald). But it failed to win any, in which the existence of very serious competitors such as Amy's View, James Joyce's The Dead, and others, must be blamed.
Release date: 1999
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