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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. The Map of Your Heart The Map of Your Heart Video
  3. Before the Morning
  4. Mamzell' Marie / Ton Grandpere est le soleil
  5. Beautiful
  6. In an Instant / Way Back to Paradise
  7. When You Look at a Man
  8. The Storm / C'est l'amour / To Find a Lover
  9. Nothing Beats Chicago / Ocean is Different / Danced With a Girl
  10. Tout Mi Mi / He Is My Release / Miracles and Mysteries
  11. I Don't Hear the Ocean / Bird Inside the House
  12. All Eyes Look Upon You / A Month Ago / Danced With a Girl (Reprise) All Eyes Look Upon You / A Month Ago / Danced With a Girl (Reprise) Video
  13. We're Gonna Go to Chicago / And You Would Lie / I Will Give We're Gonna Go to Chicago / And You Would Lie / I Will Give Video
  14. Act I Finale Act I Finale Video
  15. Act 2
  16. Opening / I Will Love You Opening / I Will Love You Video
  17. Cincinnati / You're Looking at the Man Cincinnati / You're Looking at the Man Video
  18. The Scorpion / Lover, Bring Me Summer
  19. Tell Me / Billy Was Sweet / Paradise is Burning Down Tell Me / Billy Was Sweet / Paradise is Burning Down Video
  20. Prison in a Prison Prison in a Prison Video
  21. Better and Best / Good Looking Woman
  22. No Turning Back / Before the Morning (reprise) No Turning Back / Before the Morning (reprise) Video
  23. Beautiful (reprise) Beautiful (reprise) Video
  24. I Will Love You (Reprise) I Will Love You (Reprise) Video
  25. Your Name / Innocence Dies / Finale Your Name / Innocence Dies / Finale Video

Marie Christine review

Marie Christine Review - Broadway musical

Marie Christine is a very atypical dramatic story. Initially, in the center of the plot is the classic love relationship, not destined to materialize into something more serious for a number of strong reasons. This creation reveals the class inequalities of protagonists: Marie belongs to the old Creole family, and Dante is a sailor and traveler, not accustomed to living in one place. But with the transition to the second act, the musical adopts a new perspective. Romantic line literally crumbling before our eyes, and on the forefront shown heavy emotions of the main character. At this point emerges a completely different side of Marie, manifested in her penchant for dark rituals, including the ancient voodoo ritual. Certain magical abilities conveyed to the heroine from her mother. She has long struggled with them, but finding herself in a difficult situation, she gave up and fell into the abyss of dark sorcery. Such a complex and multifaceted character freed the hands of actress Audra McDonald. The latter has done her job and was able to demonstrate the transformation to the viewer of her character: from a naive girl in love, to the secretive two-faced woman, capable of killing own children.

Absolutely all representatives of acting troupe, in addition to their artistic talents, have marvelous voices. In the composition of Marie – ‘Your Name’ – all mastery of Anthony Crivello appears. Already dramatic song in his performance takes new senses of tragic. As for Audra McDonald – her singing is characterized by a remarkable ability to convey the meaning of music directly to the hearts of beholders.

Throughout the show, the audience possesses the feeling of presence of the atmosphere of witchcraft. This is due to directors, who were able to transfer to the stage the colors of New Orleans with all its carnivals, witches and so on. Lighting engineers did fantastic job. They throughout the play successfully varied illumination of scenes to keep the mood. This is best seen in the episode with the performance of the composition ‘Mamzell' Marie’, when the initial light background turns rapidly blue and really frightening things begin to be exhibited. The creators have made every effort to reveal unusual and original things in the best possible way. All viewers were impressed – that’s for sure.

The performance received mixed reviews from critics. The most influential surveyor from The New York Times, Ben Brantley, noted the excellent vocal performance of Audra McDonald, and said that during the whole concert, he had a feeling of presence of the witchcraft on the stage. M. Feingold from the Village Voice was in solidarity with his colleague, but in an article, he had made a greater emphasis on the importance of Graciela Daniele for the musical. According to him, the director has a huge range of techniques and methods that enabled it to work thoroughly every single scene.
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