Marie Christine synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. The Map of Your Heart The Map of Your Heart Video
  3. Before the Morning
  4. Mamzell' Marie / Ton Grandpere est le soleil
  5. Beautiful
  6. In an Instant / Way Back to Paradise
  7. When You Look at a Man
  8. The Storm / C'est l'amour / To Find a Lover
  9. Nothing Beats Chicago / Ocean is Different / Danced With a Girl
  10. Tout Mi Mi / He Is My Release / Miracles and Mysteries
  11. I Don't Hear the Ocean / Bird Inside the House
  12. All Eyes Look Upon You / A Month Ago / Danced With a Girl (Reprise) All Eyes Look Upon You / A Month Ago / Danced With a Girl (Reprise) Video
  13. We're Gonna Go to Chicago / And You Would Lie / I Will Give We're Gonna Go to Chicago / And You Would Lie / I Will Give Video
  14. Act I Finale Act I Finale Video
  15. Act 2
  16. Opening / I Will Love You Opening / I Will Love You Video
  17. Cincinnati / You're Looking at the Man Cincinnati / You're Looking at the Man Video
  18. The Scorpion / Lover, Bring Me Summer
  19. Tell Me / Billy Was Sweet / Paradise is Burning Down Tell Me / Billy Was Sweet / Paradise is Burning Down Video
  20. Prison in a Prison Prison in a Prison Video
  21. Better and Best / Good Looking Woman
  22. No Turning Back / Before the Morning (reprise) No Turning Back / Before the Morning (reprise) Video
  23. Beautiful (reprise) Beautiful (reprise) Video
  24. I Will Love You (Reprise) I Will Love You (Reprise) Video
  25. Your Name / Innocence Dies / Finale Your Name / Innocence Dies / Finale Video

Marie Christine synopsis

Marie Christine Synopsis - Broadway musical

Events unfold on stage in 1899 in Chicago and transfer the audience in a women's prison. Marie Christine comes in a chamber filled with women-prisoners. Some of these are robbers, others are rowdies, and thirds were blamed in the violence. The three cellmates start to ask the main character about her life. These women witnessed the tearjerker stories of Marie. In the beginning, the narrator recalls her beloved mother, who was able to give her African heritage. But much more attention in her story she pays to a man Dante. The latter, as it turned out, in the future will be the father of the heroine’s children. The first acquaintance of still a young girl and a talented captain was in the city of Pontchartrain, Louisiana, precisely in one of its parks, Blue Rose Park. Dante’s vessel ran aground near Biloxi. The main characters immediately begin to feel a strong attraction to each other. Marie tells to beloved of her origin and presents him to her brothers Jean & Beatrice. They do not feel much enthusiasm from a new acquaintance & immediately remind their sister about the existence in New Orleans’ Creole society in this regard a number of rules.

In the family mansion now and then, rumors run about the forbidden connection of local lady with a white man. The source of their distribution is a servant girl, only indirectly familiar with the situation. To pass the latest information, there were even invented code symbols and gestures, that the owners did not suspect her in scandal-mongering. But, in the end, all hidden becomes clear and in the house of Marie serious scandal erupted. Brothers condemn their sister for willing so easily to exchange family honor on a man, whom she barely knows.

Against the backdrop of all these not pleasant events main character learns that she is pregnant from Dante. She decides to keep this as a secret. The captain settled all his affairs in New Orleans, and now he is ready for new journeys. Marie asks him to take her away and he agrees. He promises to come after the girl in three days. Just at this time, Jean and Beatrice organize a party. Dante appears on it, picks his lover and leads her to the docks. Soon protagonists float away from the city.

Marie & Dante give birth to two boys. Couple lives a happily life for a few years on the east coast of the USA. But the ambitions of husband overwhelm him, as he always dreamed to succeed in politics. Chicago looks perfect variant for these purposes’ realization. Significant differences appear between the protagonists, every day new arguments arise. This eventually leads to their separation. Taking care of children fully transferred to Dante. From this moment, the life of Marie goes awry. She can no longer see her sons; the family also does not want to take her back. About the last issue main character is told by her former maid. In the life of Marie there are many dubious acquaintances appear, including Magdalena. Being in the company of her, the woman gradually losing her mind. She decides to visit Dante for the last time. Their meeting is the culmination of the whole story. However, instead of the classic happy ending, it brings an incredibly dramatic & unpredictable finale. Finding out what actions the main character did, the audience will immediately have no questions about her imprisonment.
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