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Every dance has a tune played for it
Every glove has a mate made for it
How do you find your match? How do you pick?
Follow your heart and follow your ?

Well, it was nice meeting ya ?

Come on, I can tell you're interested.

In being a reporter?

Aw, kid, you don't realize how lucky you are.


I like you.

We click we're travelers
Thumbin' the same ride
Play the same game
For the same side
Common interests
Common set of needs

We click, our lips
Are willing and able
Let's play Ping-Pong
'Neath the table
Couple rounds and darling
We'll see who leads!

I'm not sayind you're the love of my life
I'm not saying there are stars in your eyes
All I'm saying is it's time to get wise
The world's at war
Rules are suspended
Whole world's... upended

Quick, let's click
I'll let you unmask me
I won't bite, kid
'Less you ask me
Stick with me and baby
You'll see it's true
Sky's the limit
When you are two who:

I'm clicking!

There's more of us than you imagined
'Specially in the Marines ? trust me
Now's our chance
Nation's distracted
'Bout time... we acted

Come on, kid, try it!

I don't think I can.

You're a natural...

(They start trading tap moves, Artie teaching Stu.)

Stick with me
You'll learn more than drilling
If you're willing...

Like what?

The army lists forbidden bars
In every town and state
Go to those bars... They're ours!

Army's got a lotta spies
But seldom at the local Ys
Change to your civvies
And wait in the privies!

Wait, why am I in the washroom?

Here's a handsome fella
Part of our crew?
Tap your footsy
See if he taps too

Say, your hands touch over the sink?

Ask him if he's feeling pink!
Say, he's tall and strong and swarthy?

Ask him if he's a friend of Dor'thy!

Now you got it kid!

I can't give you caviar and champagne
And our future ain't our friends throwing rice
But I'll give you half an hour of paradise!

Click with guys
Who you'll wanna mess with
With a press pass
To impress with
Pick your partner well
And I'm telling you
There's more fellas
Dreaming the same drem too, who...

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