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A Couple of Regular Guys lyrics

A Couple of Regular Guys

There's a house in my hometown
I already put a payment down
It's not so grand, the perfect size
For a couple of regular guys

I'll make some dough and we'll make do
Give it a paint job: "navy blue"
I'll even add a patio
For a sexy ex-G.I. I'll know

I know it's difficult to imagine it now
Here in a world that's goping mad
But picture the two fo us
On some lazy day
When bombs away
Is just a game kids play

And late at night when we're alone
Neighbors in houses of their own
We'll thank this goddamn war for having met
As happy and secure and financially set
As a couple of regular guys can get

Every Saturday we can load up the car

Beach is a simple drive away

We'll have your family 'round
For cake and Cokes

Though we'll shock my folks
With all our... army jokes

And late some night
As records play
Couple'a dozen years away
We'll laugh about the battles
We lived through...
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