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Yesterday, Tomorrow And Today lyrics

Yesterday, Tomorrow And Today

I think of love as an infinite river,
Timelessly flowing, endlessly strange.
Yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Love is eternal though the faces sometimes change.

Yesterday is saffron yellow,
the warmth of summer, the smell of apple,
the soft guitar in the wedding chapel
that echoes through'

Today explodes in a bright magenta, alive and full,
like a perfect flower
that holds the seed of the passing hour
which brings us to'

Tomorrow is an ice cream sandwich
Just waiting on a silver tray.
I love them all and I love forever.
Yesterday, tomorrow and'

Today is here with a fierce conviction,
the fiery eyes with a hint of sorrow
I think of them when I see tomorrow
and today turns into'

Yesterday, I remember fondly.
Though things went stale and paled and played out.
The good will linger, the bad will fade out
when I remember.

Tomorrow you may ask me why.
'Well, no one wants to die,' I'll say.
I love them all and I love forever.
Yesterday, tomorrow and today.

The book of love has many pages.
My Filofax has only three.
But give me your home number, darling.
I'll call you when a slot is free.

And someday soon, we will meet discreetly.
You'll take my hand and you'll ask me sweetly,
'Is love eternal'' I'll say,
'Completely! Yes, today. Yes, tomorrow.
And yes, yes, yes, yes, yesterday!'

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