Wicked synopsis

Wicked synopsis

Wicked Synopsis - Broadway musical

Good Witch Glinda of Oz country reported that the Wicked Witch Elphaba is dead. They used to be friends, and the memories of their life story in Shiz University started.

Elphaba from the very childhood was a rogue child, being born with green skin color, as her mother had used the green elixir. She also had a sister Nessarose in a wheelchair. When the two sisters came to Shiz, the local bosses took custody over Nessarose. Despite the sociable character of Elphaba, the green color of her skin did not allow her to make friends. Gradually, she became friends with her roommate, Glinda. She desperately desired to meet the Wizard of Oz, who allegedly was able to make her look like of a usual person.

Elphaba had feelings for her classmate Fiyero, even though deep down, she knew that she would never be his chosen one. He replied sympathetically, although he also liked Glinda. But their sympathy had no development – Elphaba was sent to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard. Dreams of help with skin color were not justified at girl – the magician used sorcerer girl's abilities to take credit for her miracles. Elphaba in despair stole an ancient magical book, and ran away being dubbed for that the Wicked Witch and it was declared her hunt down. Using magical powers, the sorcerer managed to escape.

As time passed, Fiyero became a captain of the guard and announced the engagement to Glinda, which was now known as the Good Witch. A guy named Bog was also secretly in love with Glinda, though he was loved by Nessarose, who became governor after the death of her father. When Bog decided to confess Glinda his feelings, jealous Nessa has imposed on him inept spell, wishing to deprive the senses to rival. Bog’s heart began to melt, and in order to save him, Elphaba turned him into the Tin Woodman.

Elphaba reconciled with the Wizard. Fiyero felt again the old feelings to Elphaba, and both of them confessed feelings to each other. Meanwhile, a tornado took Dorothy’s house with her dog Toto, and Elphaba sensed trouble: a house fell on her sister Nessarose and the latter died. It turns out that this curse was designed specifically to lure the evil sorceress out and to deal with her. Nothing was left except of mourn the dead sister and conduct Dorothy and Toto in the way to Wizard of Oz.

Guards found Elphaba, but when they tried to arrest her, Fiyero gave her a chance to escape, and he surrendered. As a result, the guardians tied Fiyero to the pole and carried him to the field to where Elphaba was. To save her beloved, she turned him into a scarecrow Scarecrow, who did not feel any pain.

Elphaba invented to die theatrically in the guise of the Wicked Witch. She asked her friend Glinda not to do anything to restore her good name. Because otherwise, all the people shall be against Glinda. Friends parted forever, and Elphaba gave previously stolen magical book back and promised never again to make good magic, as only misfortune happened to her because of it. They retired with her beloved Fiyero and left in a secret that Elphaba has survived.
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