Wicked review

Wicked review

Wicked Review - Broadway musical

The cultural phenomenon and one of the most popular shows – that was the viewer's recognition, according to US magazine. Broadway version of ‘Wicked’, released in 2003, immediately divided critics into two irreconcilable camps. Some enthusiastically adopted all seen and heard, considering the show quite an extraordinary cultural event. Others looked at the performance gloomier. The last ones found it too clichéd, and also considered libretto visibly muddled. But both not left without attention bright and very good quality of presenting the visual component, attracting audiences so much: light setting, expressive costumes, fancy makeup, well-done staging construction and the performers’ skills.

Music in songs is really made in the best Broadway traditions, so in musical numbers truly guessed some clichés. But it seems that this is what most often expect to hear the vast majority of viewers in successful stage shows. Moreover, the author of music exactly wanted to achieve recognition of this fabulous story & its characters, deliberately repeating the melody from the film of 1939 and wished to build a musical performance by generally accepted canons.

Some critics unflatteringly mentioned rectilinear images of two main characters, who allegedly overly deliberate show how the unusual person can easily transform from a good hero to villain under the circumstances. Wicked Witch has green skin; she is brunette. The Good Witch is a good-looking blonde to whom all sympathize, even when she behaves negatively. But for a show, understood charismatic main characters are likely the dignity, not a drawback.

Idina Menzel has become a true star thanks to this musical. Her green face was a matter of adoration by many people and because of her inimitable charm, she had become even more loved hero from a musical than her scenic collaborate, a Good Witch. She is like Anakin Skywalker, whom now everyone admires more than Luke.

Vivid characters force to sympathize with everything happening. Viewers begin to empathize more to the negative character. In fact, she is almost the only positive person with an unbending will and a desire to save the situation in any way. Elphaba does nothing bad to anyone. The spoiled society rejects her only because of a skin color. She becomes undeserved outcast, a child deprived of attention and love. Eventually she humbles with her fate of Wicked Witch. Because of people’s hatred, her heart was petrified and she had no other choice but to meet the expectation of everyone – to behave like an evil person.

The audience loved the show from the very first days and the tickets for every show were always sold-out, proving its tremendous success. The musical was treated as a highly professional product, enjoying the soul, comprehensible to adults and children. Musical has to be festive and enchanting, and Wicked is exactly so. It still goes on a variety of different stages, winning the hearts of audiences in many countries.
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