Who's Tommy, The synopsis

Who's Tommy, The synopsis

Who's Tommy, The Synopsis - Broadway musical

Young Captain Walker married in 1940. He soon left the young wife by going on a mission. During landing, the Englishman was captured and became a prisoner in the concentration camp. Pregnant Mrs. Walker was helped by Ernie, her husband's brother. Soon they received the message, saying that the captain was missing. In 1941, Mrs. Walker born the son Tommy. In 1945, all the concentration camp prisoners were released, but Walker wasn’t amongst them. Young woman celebrated her 21st birthday with a 4-years-old-son and her lover. Then the boy was sent to bed. Suddenly, the captain returned home. Soon he started a fight with a cohabitant of his wife. Tommy woke up and walked into the room. Mother turned him away from the fighting men, but the boy has seen everything in the large mirror. When Mrs. Walker tried to stop the fight, the captain shot his opponent. The husband and wife realized – their son witnessed the murder. The couple started to convince looking in the mirror Tommy that he had not seen or heard anything. He was forbidden to tell anyone about what happened.

When in the court they tried to get a testimony from the boy, the child did not tell anything. Captain justified himself saying he acted in self-defense. Soon parents realized – because of them, Tommy ceased to hear, see and speak. When he was taken for medical treatment, the doctors could not do anything with a boy. One day, the couple had to leave the house. Captain and Mrs. Walker left the 10-year-old son on the care of Uncle Ernie. The man took advantage of the helplessness of the child and abused him. Later cousin Kevin began to watch after Tommy. Making abuse of him first, he took a boy with him to the club. Kevin left Tommy near the pinball machine, paying one game and left to play billiards. Suddenly, the boy reacted to the game. By controlling the machine by touch, he scored a huge amount of points. This attracted lots of people around, among whom were the parents of the kid.

When Tommy again was showed to the doctor, he did not notice the changes in him. Soon the captain was offered to take a son to the gypsy woman, who supposedly could bring the boy to life. Walker did not dare to leave the child alone with this woman, and went back home with him. 10 years later, Tommy became a famous player in the pinball. He earned a lot of fans. The new treatment did not help the young man. One day, the mother couldn’t endure like this anymore and broke a mirror in front of which stood her son. At this point, the young man recalled the memory about the murder, and he once again started to perceive the world around. Soon Tommy left home. Fans embraced his recovery as a miracle happened thanks to a pinball game. Many newspapers have written about the miraculous recovery of a kid.

After a while, the cult of worship formed around Tommy. Kevin and his friends began to work in a young man's bodyguard service. Tommy wore a helmet, insulating senses from the outside world, and played pinball again. The young man was collecting stadiums of fans who wanted to become the same as he was. A fan Sally once had broken through the bodyguards circle to put a scarf on her idol. When bodyguards started beating her, Tommy stopped them. Taking her into his arms, the young man went to the house of the girl to her parents and invited everyone there. Mrs. Walker took injured Sally to the bedroom because their home was crowded with fans of Tommy. When they asked the young man how to become like him, he replied that they should not do so – everyone should be themselves. Disappointed with their idol, fans left him alone with Sally. Tommy had forgiven his relatives and restored relationship with them.
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