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I Love You Like a Table Lyrics » Waitress

I Love You Like a Table Lyrics

Your white dress sparks words spontaneous.
I'll sing from mountaintops.
I am in love (love love),
And i don't care who knows it.
Lucky me.
I was ordi-nary,
But with your love, you see
I am a po-o-o-o-o-oem writer.
I will express this if i'm able.
I love you like a table.
My legs were carved for you.
I love you like a table

Ensemle: oh, oh, oh, oh!

I'm wood and you are glue
Cover me with stuff

Ensemle: oh, oh, oh, oh!

And i will hold it up
Strong and stable.
I love you like a table

I love you too.
And i wanted to try and surprise you.
I've written 29 new drafts of vows that didn't rhyme.
30 was a

Drum line

Dawn and ogie:
Promise to as best we can
Say i do and tell you that when i see you
I'll want to again.

Last Update: August, 26th 2016

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