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Vanities synopsis

In the center of attention are 3 girls – participants of cheerleaders group. They carry their friendship through the years: high school, college and professional life. They tell stories of their adventures, share their impressions about the events of bygone days. Despite the difference in the characters, the heroines are very friendly.

In high school (back in 1963), girls are very popular among their associates, because they belong to a group of cheerleaders. Their main hobby is planning the various school activities. In times of high school girls had the strongest friendship; they're everywhere together.

When it is time to go to college, the girls choose one educational facility, and want to live together. When it became a matter of choice of sorority, friends have chosen Kappa Kappa Gamma. At this time, their interests begin to differ. They have different views on own future: Mary, whose character is particularly passionate, is going to travel Europe to experience life and to test herself. Joanne is fixated on the family, and Kathy is at a crossroads: she will have to choose the profession of a lifetime.

Further action is transferred in the days after graduating from college (1974). Very little in common is now between the girls. Joanne is married, and has become extremely conservative, but a happy wife and mother. Mary had opened her own art gallery, where explores the freedom of morals and choices. Kathy now lives in New York; she has become a real woman of fashion, but read the books that were to be read in college.
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