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Vanities cast

Music and Lyrics by David Kirshenbaum
Book by Jack Heifner

Last Update:August, 29th 2016

Vanities Lyrics

  1. Setting Your Sights (Reflections) Lyrics 
  2. I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing Lyrics
  3. An Organized Life Lyrics
  4. I Can't Imagine Lyrics
  5. Setting Your Sights (City Limits) Lyrics 
  6. An Organized Life (1968) Lyrics 
  7. Fly Into the Future Lyrics 
  8. Cute Boys With Short Haircuts Lyrics
  9. Let Life Happen Lyrics 
  10. Setting Your Sights (What You Wanted) Lyrics 
  11. The Same Old Music Lyrics 
  12. An Organized Life (1974) Lyrics 
  13. The Argument Lyrics 
  14. Friendship Isn't What It Used To Be Lyrics
  15. Looking Good Lyrics 

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