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Follow Your Heart lyrics

Follow Your Heart

Did you mean what you said? About everyone having a heart?

Well, sure I did. Do you think you'd be feeling as bad as you do if you
didn't have a heart?

I don't know. I spupose not.

Of course you wouldn't. Because then you'd be dead.

When darkness surrounds you
And you lose your way
You have your own compass
That turns night to day
And it's even with you
Before you depart
Be still, hear it beating
It's leading you
Follow your heart

Follow my heart? But to where?

To wherever your heart tells you to go.


Even to the clouds, if that's what your heart commands. What's it saying

I don't know. I don't know how to listen to my heart.

You have to listen carefully. Here, let me try.

Do you -

Ssshhh! Ah, there it is. It's saying:

We all want a world
Filled with peace and joy
With plenty of water
For each girl and boy
That bright, shining world
Is just waiting to start
No meanness or sorrow
Just cleanness tomorrow
If only you follow your heart

You see there, Bobby. Even your heart knows you should follow your heart.

"Peace and joy", "plenty of water"
I guess I do want those things

There's something else your heart was saying. Maybe something I
shouldn't have heard.

There was?

I think so. It was barely audible but I definitely heard something.

Well? What was it?

Let me try again, maybe I can make it out this time.

There is is. So's saying:

Follow, into the open air
Far from squalor and noise
Follow, someone is waiting there
Someone who shares all your hopes
And your joys

"Someone is waiting there"? Why, my heart was saying those exact words
just the other day.

It was?

Sure it was. "Squalor and Noise", "Hopes and Joys". It was telling me
about all those things.

I didn't know two hearts could speak as one.

I didn't either. Until now. Here, listen.

Someday I'll meet someone
Whose heart joines with mine
Aortas and arteries all intertwined
They'll beat so much stronger
Than they could apart
Eight chambers of muscle to hustle
The love in our heart

Bobby and Hope
Love is kind and considerate
Love is peaceful and fair
Love can creep up so suddenly
When you least think of it
Your love is there

We all want a world
Filled with peace and with joy
With plenty of justice
For each girl and boy
That bright shining world
Is just waiting to start
No anger or badness
Just laughter and gladness
If only I follow your heart
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