We're Not Sorry lyrics - Urinetown

We're Not Sorry lyrics

We're Not Sorry

Little Sally
With a lust for
Saving water
Man gives daughter
Up for dead

Hot Blades Harry
Play it on your
He's not sorry
Not a shred!

The Rebels
He's not sorry...
He's not sorry...
He's not sorry...
He's not sorry... Barrel
An absolute maze,
that's what the
sewer system is.

I'm going back down to give it another look. You stay here to guard the

You who fly the
Blimp of evil
Shun upheaval
In the air!

Soupy Sue
Then ask why the
Ride gets jarry -
Now you're sorry
You're up there

The Rebels
Now you're sorry...
Now you're sorry...

Those who made dough
From debasing
Need erasing
Need the knife

Let their blood flow
Like Campari!
We're not sorry -
Hey that's life!

The Rebels
Once they liked to
Shoot their rifles
Just for trifles
Hunt us down! UGC Staff
We're not sorry!
We're not sorry!
We're not sorry!
We're not sorry now!

Ba-dap! Ba-dap!

The Rebels
Now it's we who
Play safari -
UGC Staff
We're not sorry!
We're not -

Cladwell and Co.
We're not sorry!

The Rebels
They're not sorry!

Billy Boy Bill
I'm not sorry!

No one's sorry
No one's sorry
'Til they get to Urine Last Update: January, 08th 2014

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